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Here’s some of what you’ll learn from this ebook:

* How, Why, Where and When to Earn Bucks With Your Bike
* The Essentials of BikeBillboards
* The Hitch - The Trailer 
* Best Bike Styles for Advertising
* Who to Hire and Who to Avoid
* Book Bikes and Unique Needs for Different Users
* Why You Should Have Your Own BikeBillboard Regardless of Your Existing Business
* How to Make Your Own BikeBillboard​
* Where and How to Start to Get Business

* What to Wear to Get Noticed - Correctly
* Different Types of New Bike Businesses (sharing, delivery, TV shows, ShelterVets and others)
* Different Models in Different Venues - Why Some Suck
* Where to get and/or write your own advertorial
* Correct Messaging
* Insurance? Yes or No?
* Safety Training - Critical Knowledge
* Partnerships, Franchising, Affiliates - what to look for
* Joining a Bike Network
* Should You Have Your Own Website or Referral?
* How to Price Your Services
* Wide-Format Printing
* And much more

Our exciting, fact-filled eBook is available in several formats including PDFs and EPUB. It's only $6.99 and highly recommend reading for anyone looking to earn income from bike. Before you buy from us or anyone else - get and read this book first. 
The first review of the book came in with this: 

"Richard Pawlowski’s thoughtful and fact-filled work here would have been a huge help to us had it been available five years ago. You can now take advantage of our mistakes. He outlines many of the mistakes we made which could have saved us a few years and some R&D money. His advice here is appropriate not only for a bicycle related business, but for any startup. Richard’s many years of entrepreneurship and pivoting when things went a little sideways, give him the perspective to know there is opportunity here."
​– Andrea Lieberman - CEO Biking Billboards 

Available from:
AMAZON (Kindle edition)
APPLE (for iPhones, iPads and all Macs)
Barns & Noble (Nook)
Gumroad (for PDF version)